Giza pyramids half day tour 4 hours see the pyramids .if you are in Cairo Egypt in business or just passing by then your visit to the pyramids is amust .going to the pyramids without a guide will cost you 3 times more than if have an arranged tour and aguid explain to you protect you from the hassle.any way I arrange a half day tour to see the 9 pyramids the great pyramid the second pyramid then panoramic view then to the sphinx. start with 40 $ per person in double. tour takes 4 hours we drive you from where you are then go visit the area we also. visit a papyrus musuem in the area .back again to where we started .the tour includes transport intrance fees specialized Egyptolgy guid the tour costs just 40 $ the tour dosnot including interning inside the big pyramid. gratitude for the guid and the driver.

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